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Tracie Martyn Press New York's finest facialist
Vogue Katrina Kurkova

Beauty Queen

There is something about George Giavis. The softly spoken Sydney hairdresser is the go-to guy for the hippest beauty brands, and his latest find is New York's finest facialist Tracie Martyn and her bijou skincare line.

Martyn created her legendary Resculpting Facial 12 years ago "to make people look younger, without having surgery", and when word of the results got out, clients such as Donna Karan, Diane von Furstenberg and Bridget Hall hightailed it over the bridge to her tiny Brooklyn home.

It was this esteemed clientele that inspired the creation of her own line. Although determined to use all-natural products in her facials, Martyn and her nutritionist partner Marius Morariu were not convinced of the efficacy of the available ranges, especially for older clients. So they developed their own, marrying natural ingredients with high-tech cosmeceutical components, without any parabens or industrial chemicals. Today Martyn has a celebrity following to make other brands weep, because, as she explains simply, "The products do work." Stars such as Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Susan Sarandon and Kate Winslet openly swear by her facials and stock their beauty cupboards with her goodies.

Martyn uses all the products in her range in the Resculpting facial. First, after a very light microdermabrasion, she lathers up her Amla Purifying Cleanser $90, which with its blend of vitamin C and a variety of aruyvedic herbs, "brightens the skin and takes down any redness".

Next she applies the Enzyme Exfoliant, $120, as a mask, leaving it for 10 minutes. "It's very good for dark patches and dark spots and fabulous for sun damage," Martyn explains, recommending it to everyone in Australia.

While the mask does its magic, Martyn uses electrodes around the jaw line, under the chin, on the neck and around the cheekbone. After removing the mask, she applies LotuSculpt Eye Pads and Activator, $65, directly under the eye. "These brighten and smooth out the entire under-eye area, and actually strengthen up the skin under there," she says, reporting that John Galliano picked up 30 sets in the lead-up to the recent Met Ball in New York. Martyn finishes the treatment with her antioxidant-rich Firming Serum, $245, which "helps keep skin firm and very, very fresh looking". With such rave reviews, her small range is firmly ensconced in Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Harrods and now Giavis's The Blonde Room. Martyn says they agreed to the Sydney salon stocking the range because "we know that the product is great for people with sun damage so it's going to work so well in Australia. The products really target all the signs of sun damage and ageing yet all the same time they're 100 per cent natural." She promises she'll be visiting soon, and in the meantime we can thank George her products are finally here.

The Blonde Room, 100a Queen St, Woollahra NSW, tel (02) 9328 6700.

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Vogue Katrina Kurkova

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