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The New York Times Sunday Styles

Oscar Glamour 3 Months Early In New York

December 22, 2002, Sunday

LAST Tuesday afternoon, Renee Zellweger emerged from a treatment room at the Tracie Martyn skin-care salon on lower Fifth Avenue looking camera-ready, thanks to a "Resculpting facial" involving the application of electrodes.

The "Resculpting facial," Ms. Zellweger received at the Tracie Martyn salon on Tuesday was the second such treatment she had in the week leading up to her "Chicago" appearances. Other's who succeeded in obtaining appointments with Ms. Martyn were Ms. Zellweger's co-star, Christine Baranski, who had at least one, and Sandra Bullock, who had several connected with the opening of her romantic comedy "Two Week's Notice."

An appointment with Ms. Martyn, a waifish English woman whose business partner, Marius Morariu, is a nutritionist and native Transylvanian, has become one of the most conveted in New York. Before vacuuming the client's face with a pencil-shaped device that includes an exfoliating buffed diamond at its tip, Ms. Martyn daubs on a cleanser made of yuzu extract.

This step is followed by the application of Brazilian tangerine oil, Indian lotus oil and a botanical-based Firming Serum concocted by Mr. Morariu over a three-year period. The grand finale though comes with placing soft wired pads on the client's face through which an electrical current is transmitted.

The goal of the treatment is to stimulate circulation and deliver more oxygen to the skin so that is looks rosier and tauter, Ms. Martyn said. The implicit objective is to leave the client looking well rested and not as though she had attended Miramax functions six nights in a row.

With approximately a dozen movie premieres wedged into the first weeks of December, a winter-time version of the days preceding the Academy Awards, celebrities are alighting on New York and taxing the schedules of the city's most sought after beauty experts and fashion stylists.

Scheduling appointments has been no small affair for Ms. Martyn in recent weeks. "Some people are really organized and will call a month in advance," she said of her celebrity clientele. "Others might call three days before, and sometimes they'll call as they are on their way."

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The New York Times Sunday Styles

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