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Pink Memo She's Electric: Facialist Tracie Martyn's Magic Machine

She's Electric: Facialist Tracie Martyn's Magic Machine

National Scence Stealers 4.13.11 By Katrina Szish

An hour with facialist Tracie Martyn is both a coveted luxury and instantly noticeable beauty boost. That's why Kate Winslet is one of her most loyal- and vocal- supporters. Add to that list Diane von Furstenberg, Brad Pitt, Susan Sarandon, countless starlets, oodles of supermodels (Victoria's Secret angels fly by for pre-catwalk contouring), plus international high society, and you get a sense of just how singular - and spectacular -Martyn's proprietary electrocurrent Resculpting Facials and body treatments actually are. I recently caught up with the British-born beauty in her breathtaking new penthouse salon on Fifth Avenue in New York City for a peek at the true fountain of youth.

You've been performing your famous facials for over a decade, that no one has been able to imitate. At what point in your career did you realize that you had discovered something special?

I came up with my trademark Resculpting Facial because I was looking for something to attain beautiful healthy, youthful skin at a time when there were only invasive anti-aging methods and facials were mostly pore cleansing. I discovered the principle of electric currents in Europe, but the results were not fast enough, so I decided to create my own beauty machine. The Resculptor was born - a purple (Martyn's trademark color), computerized piece of equipment bearing my lotus flower logo. The results were amazing. I used to show before-and-after photos on shoots (Martyn's first career as an esteemed make-up artist), and the models would follow me home to get the treatment.

Your salon has a new home. Describe!

We moved to an amazing penthouse on Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron district, in what they use to call "The Lady's Mile." It is an oasis filled with natural light, and we worked with the renowned interior designer Benjamin Noriega-Oritz. All rooms custom wallpaper with our lotus flower logo and are enchanced with color therapy light diffused onto sheer white, flowing curtains, one of Benjamin's trademarks. The white washed wood floors and light walls are the perfect canvas for exquisite light fixtures (some featuring feathers), Venetian mirrors and even Swarovski crystals. My room features a large Murano chandelier above the treatment area cocooned with sheer curtains and a separate seating area where one can enjoy a tea ceremony. Amethyst goodies and rose crystals adorn the room. Clients tell me it feels like being on a white cloud.

You see the world's most famous and most beautiful faces (and bodies!) everyday, all while maintaining the utmost calm demeanor.

I work with heads of state, royalty and A-list celebrities, but I always think of how to make them feel most comfortable, so I am less preoccupied with myself when I perform the facial. I enjoy their company and feel fortunate if I am able to add a meaningful experience to their busy lives.

What is the biggest mistake women make with their skincare regimens?

Women tend to either overdo their skin care regimen by using a lot of petrochemical based creams, or they go au natural and use products from the health-food store based on some nut oil with a bit of lavender (there's nothing wrong with these natural products, but do not expect to see your wrinkles or hyperpigmentation diminish). Another big mistake is forgetting to exfoliate and then complaining about dryness: exfoliate before moisturizing to get the full benefits of what you are putting on your skin. I created my own line, as I believed that a product should be 100% natural - with organic botanical and essential oils but also concentrated vitamins and enzymes - but at the same time ultra-effective. You are what you put on your skin, so no junk, please!

Tracie Martyn Shakti Resculpting Body Cream

In addition to creating a scalpel-free, all natural facelift, you seem to have unearthed a near cure for cellulite.

I use my trademarked Resculptor machine on the body as well. There are different, stronger currents channeled onto the skin during the Resculpting Body Treatment to lift, firm and contour the thighs, however the treatment is relaxing and does not bruise like most cellulite treatments. Additionally, my Resculpting Body Cream actually mimics the technology I use in my treatments. It contains an ingredient complex called Electriol that combines different amino-acids and coenzymes to literally "recharge" the skin cells by helping to metabolize fat and create more cellular energy. I also believe in including enough raw fruits and vegetables in the diet, as enzymes are key to preventing cellulite.

Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser

It's the "deserted island" question. What one skincare product (besides sunscreen) would you bring? Pair of shoes? Music?

My Amla Purifying Cleanser. It exfoliates, smells green and fresh, and will keep your skin clear. I would also use it to shower under a natural waterfall! I love Christian Louboutin, but I would choose my comfortable Nikes. Recently I am inspired by one of my wonderful clients WAH. Her music is so uplifting.

For women who don't live in NYC and can't come to your spa- - how can they get some of the Tracie Martyn special treatment?

I cannot promise that there is anything that will create the same results at home, as the treatment is fairly complex and I really do a lot in one hour. However, there are certain areas of your face that you can really regenerate by using great products. One such example is a quick fix, my save-the-day product duo - LotuSculpt Eye Pads and LotuSculpt Activator. They are easy to use, perfect before make-up application, and they help to make dark circles and crow's feet disappear.

LotuSculpt Eye Pad ActivatorLotuSculpt Eye Pads

What do you do to relax?

One of my favorite things is spending time with my Chihuahua Lucy, who loves going to Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Her joie de vivre inspires and uplifts everybody.

What's the best part about your job?

It is very gratifying to see my clients looking beautiful and feeling more confident because of my work. Often it is not only a beauty tip I shared but also a lifestyle tip that helps people make meaningful shifts in their lives.

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Pink Memo She's Electric: Facialist Tracie Martyn's Magic Machine

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